The Everglow
Don't trust me I'm a virus


memories - By: ( Evan Atwood)

7:20 | by Bernd Vonau.
Track: Bit By Bit
Artist: Mother Mother
Album: The Sticks
Plays: 26,391
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Untitled by (Khalid Al-Suwaidi)
Track: Warriors
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Album: League of Legends 2014 World Championship
Plays: 46,408

A simple breaking sunset by (AchillesSHAN)

Wild cat by (Ale Aush)
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Strawberry - I’m in love with you.

Cherry - I love you.

Watermelon - I think you’re cute.

Blueberry - You’re amazing.

Kiwi- You’re pretty

Rasberry - You’re hot.

Plum - I would fuck you.

Paopu Fruit - I would date you.

Grapes - I could stay on your blog for hours.

Lemon - You are my tumblr crush.

Orange - I want to get to know you.

Tangerine - We have a lot in common.

Lemon - I wish you would notice me.

Lime - I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.

Track: Clairvoyant
Artist: The Story So Far
Plays: 27,059